Why we do it

In a world where, more and more, there are reasons to gather a community in response to tragedy, this is a call to gather and contribute to the momentum for goodness. Most of us remember a world where kids could go out with no fear and little supervision (“Have fun—be home in time for dinner!”). While this reality has faded, it is not lost. In fact, there are things we can proactively do to rebuild the world we desire for each other, whether we have children or not.

There are many ways to teach, mentor, speak into, build and provide things that would help create a safer, more positive world. What’s being proposed here is only one of them—but it is one that some will resonate with and be drawn to take part.

The intention is to put our positive energy, thoughts and prayers (which we believe are powerful, not fluff) into one unified — and diverse — voice, creating a perimeter of love and light around our schools. 

“We speak (or ‘We pray for’) an environment at this school of belonging and connection, of emotional and physical safety, of value and respect, of energy and motivation, of inspiration and empowerment…”

The walk creates momentum; our words speak positive identity and blessing. 

It’s simple, and it’s something. 

[The basics]