Circle Our Schools

The basics



Circle our Schools started June 2019 as a proactive initiative to contribute to positive energy around schools. It is based on the power that’s created when people come together in a common purpose. This initiative includes the power of rhythm, voice and the cadence of walking—walk around the block in groups or independently at your own pace). The idea is that this creates something like goodness grooves in the land and atmosphere, like a perimeter around the school. People are also free to speak out identity words (“Lincoln Lions are courageous leaders who use their influential voice to create order and safety in the environment around them”) or blessings over the schools (“I bless the students to feel respected and valued”), either while walking or just stationed in front of the school or maybe on a corner.

There really are no rules, just suggestions that will help focus the power of the group. It’s a big, beautiful experiment! All are welcome. The only rule: positive, hopeful voices and energy / prayers.


6:30 PM - Meet at the front door to kick off the hour

6:35 - 7:15 PM - Walk around the block, at your own pace

7:15 PM - Meet at the front door to debrief, share any thoughts or feelings from the time

We need: 

  • People willing to bring lawn chair and stay at the front door to guide people as they arrive throughout the hour 

  • People who will provide toward waters or snacks 

  • People to walk

  • People to make positive declarations (your own or ones provided) 

  • People who have others ideas or ways to contribute 


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